Berlinale Special Series - World Premiere

Set in the near future, a species from ancient mythology must live amongst humans and battle for survival in a world that wants to silence, exploit and destroy them.

Genre Drama
Directors Wayne Blair, Leah Purcell
Writers Michael Miller, Jon Bell, Jane Allen
Producers Rosemary Blight, Lauren Edwards, Angela Littlejohn, Ryan Griffen
Executive Producers Sally Riley, Jan David Frouman, Amelie Kienlin,  Irina Ignatiew, Kylie du Fresne, Ben Grant, Wayne Blair, Martin Baynton, Adam Fratto
Key Cast Hunter Page-Lochard, Rob Collins, Iain Glen, Frances O’Connor, Ryan Corr, Stef Dawson,  Deborah Mailman, Tasma Walton, Rarriwuy Hick, Tony Briggs, Tysan Towney,  Robyn Nevin, Lynette Curren, Jack Charles
Running Time 6 x 1 hour

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Red Arrow International
Tel: +49 89 9507 2320

In Berlin: Red Bull Media House Marriott Office # 1016


Panorama Entertainment
Amélie Linder
+49 89 3090 679-0 / +49 172 640 7242


Wayne Blair is an actor, writer and director. His directorial credits include the upcoming feature film Septembers of Shiraz  and he directed the Australian box office smash hit  The Sapphires, which premiered at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival and for which he won the award for Best Direction at the AACTA Awards. Wayne directed the acclaimed series Gods of Wheat Street, directed and starred in episodes of Redfern Now and directed episodes of Lockie Leonard and Offspring.  His short film credits include The Djarn Djarns, which won the Crystal Bear Award at the Berlin International Film Festival.

Leah Purcell is an acclaimed actor, writer and director.  She co-wrote and starred in Box the Pony which premiered at the 1997 Festival of the Dreaming and has played to sell-out seasons around the world.  She was written for TV series including Ready for This, My Place and Redfern Now, directed for Redfern Now, the documentary Who We Are: Brave New Clan and the short films Blood Lines, She. Say and Aunty Maggie and the Womba Wokgun.  Leah also created the arts project, Black Chicks Talking, featuring a documentary film, a book, a stage production and an art exhibition.


Monday 15 February 2016 10:00 Market Badges Only EFM Cinemobile
Tuesday 16 February 2016 15:00 Berlinale Special Series Haus Der Berliner Festspiele